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DIY Electric Piston solenoid Engine


A solenoid engine is a simplified version of a steam engine where the steam is replaced by the magnetism in the solenoid.A solenoid is a coil of wire with a sliding iron core. Applying a current through the wire pulls the iron core into the coil.

source/image(PrtSc): PeterSripol

By switching the solenoid on and off at the right time the plunger is pulled inside the coil resulting in one engine stroke. The mass of the flywheel then pulls the solenoid back to the far position ready to be pulled in again.Watch the video from PeterSripol on how to make your own cylinder and piston type high speed solenoid engine.

The working of solenoid engine was based on electromagnetism principle. When current passes through the conductor the magnetic flux will be generated around the conductor this phenomenon is known as electro magnetism.


There is a variety of solenoid depending on their material of construction, design, and function, and they are: Rotary solenoid, Linear solenoid,AC laminated solenoid, DC C and D frame solenoid.// PeterSripol