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DIY Fast Coupling KTM Engine One Engine Multiple Vehicles


This time we chose a motorcycle engine and we placed it on a frame in order to be able to remove it and place it on many other vehicles that we are planning to make in the future without applying any transformations then. First of all, we have chosen a motor of the KTM-640-LC4 which has a lot of durability, enough propensity and enough horsepower in order to meet our needs and cover the most of our structures.

source/image(PrtSc): Make it Extreme

Also, we made a frame taken by class b 22mm tubes. Additionally, on the frame we put the motor and we adopted every element that is needed to be able to function properly. Next, we put radiator, catch tank, radiator tank, oil cooler, battery and many other elements. Most of these are made by our team.

Therefore, when the engine is connected to any motor vehicle, only the connection with the clutch as well as the connection of the wire for the throttle, the connection of the fuel and the gears will be required. All these connections will not take more than five minutes as the gears are connected just with a plug of three cables and are chosen with the use of two buttons.


In conclusion, that was the structure with the number 00115 by the make it extreme team and it is a gear selector. This engine aims to be connected on any vehicle with special safety pins. We called our structure ‘the youtubers engine’ as it is very essential and suitable for people who also do what we do./Make it Extreme