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DIY Hand Made Portable Mini Safe From Stainless Steel Bolts

In this DIY video project Maker B shows us a cool hand made project where he turns a couple of bolts into a miniature portable mini safe. This DIY build doesn’t get all its material from a single bolt, it’s more like two bolts and a few odd pieces of brass, but that doesn’t detract from the final product one bit.

source/image: Maker B

Maker B relieves the two chunky stainless steel bolts of their hex heads and their threads on the lathe, forming two nesting cylinders with a satisfyingly tight fit. Whatch the video: “This is how I made a portable mini safe from stainless steel bolts.”

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Each disc is stamped around its circumference with the 26 letters of the alphabet; we thought the jig used for stamping was exceptionally clever.The combination, which is set by placing a pin next to a letter in each disc, protects the admittedly limited contents of the tiny safe, but functionality is hardly the point. This is all about craftsmanship and machining skills.