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DIY Hand Made Round Leather Bicycle Bag


Making a simple leather tool bag for my bicycle that mounts under the saddle. Easy and relaxing project I was able to make in my apartment with limited tools in this lockdown period.

source/image(PrtSc): Black Beard Projects

Leatherworking is always fun and enojoyable to me! I decided to limit punched holes to minimum so I don’t bother neighbours and got a decent result with drilling with 1.5mm bit and enlarging with thick needle/awl on the hand held drill.//text/video by: Black Beard Projects

I used thick and un-finished leather for the side caps because it holds the shape way better than the thinner one I used for the rest of the bag.


If you are doing something like this you need to figure out a mount solution as most likely the way I did this is not applicable to all saddle.via/read more: Black Beard Projects