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RC Model Flying Man Scale 1/1 Duocopter

Built And Flown by Ralph Kayser,this flying man using bubble wrap and tape inside a paint-ball suit. A lightweight, fiberglass helmet and vinyl boots provide the finishing touches.

source/image(PrtSc): RC MEDIA WORLD

It is a radio controlled drone with a fake person on it. Its not a daredevil person taking to the sky with a couple of rotors strapped onto him.video by: RC MEDIA WORLD

The Model is a full-scale human in height and general size dimensions he’s able to cruise around town airborne using 2x 250Kv electric engines with a takeoff weight of just 4.85Kg.



  • Model: RC flying man (Manni Quinn)
  • Scale: 1/1
  • Model Typ: Duocopter with KK 2.15 Flightboard
  • Engine: 2x 250Kv
  • Accu: 10S 3000mah Lipo
  • Take-off weight: 4.85Kg
  • Pilot and Builder: Ralph Kayser