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DIY/Homemade Air Conditioner – Using a Cooler & Box Fan


It’s ridiculously hot in my workshop, so I built a homemade air conditioner using a cooler, box fan, water pump, and tubing. It circulates cold water through tubes in front of the fan that then blows cold air through the room.

source/image(PrtSc): Ben Tardif

Watch to see how I built this machine for only $100.This DIYer rigged an A/C by pumping cold water in an ice chest through copper tubing positioned in front of a fan blade.Watch the video from Ben Tardif for more info:

Fill the cooler up with water, and plug in the pump. Let it run for 3 minutes, to get the coil cold, and then turn on the fan and make sure it works like you expect.


DIY air conditioners may seem like a cheap way to beat the heat, but they aren’t perfect.Though it may not look pretty, the entire project would be cheaper than most air conditioning units found in stores.