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DIY How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring As a Beginner


Installing vinyl plank flooring is an easy home renovation project that can totally change the look of a room. Avoid beginner mistakes with some tips and tricks I share along the way. This vinyl flooring can even be installed over other floors like linoleum vinyl sheet, wood laminate and tile.

source/image(PrtSc): Fix This Build That

Vinyl plank flooring is engineered to be installed in one of two methods: glue-down or floating. For a Do-It-Yourselfer, floating or click-lock vinyl flooring is often an easier method, as there is no adhesive or mess to deal with.Fix This Build That

In this method, floating floor style vinyl planks are locked together, using a built-in tongue and groove system, and laid onto the subfloor — or can even be installed directly over an existing floor! Vinyl planks are one of the few floor materials that can be installed directly on top of another flooring material if it’s flat and structurally sound, provided that you are working against a hard flooring material.


When working over tile floors, first coat the tile floor with a self-leveling compound to ensure all the grout joints are flush and full. There should not be any indentations or depressions left behind, as these will be visible later on down the road after foot traffic presses the vinyl planks down into the depressions of the grout joints./Fix This Build That