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DIY Hubless Fat Tire Bicycle


One of The Q’s projects involves transforming a conventional bicycle into something very unconventional. It all starts with a 26-inch Fat Bike,after dismounting the front wheel, removing the tube and tire, the spokes are next; all that remains is the rim.

source/image(PrtSc): The Q

The inner ring itself attaches to the vehicle’s frame. One of the challenges is getting power to the rear wheel. This can be done through a specially adapted chain or belt.What do you know about hubless bicycles? I’ve never seen anything like this before! So, behold – truly hubless bicycle that works almost flawless! Watch the video from The Q where he builds an insane hubless bicycle.

The original rear hub, cassette and disc brake was moved to the inside of the frame. This drives the rear wheel using a second chain attached to a large ring sprocket mounted directly on the rim.


The finished product looks incredibly sleek, and the video has received more than three million views within its first week. According to The Q, all you’ll need is “a fatbike, bearings, some metal, and time.