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UNIMOG Crawler OTAG 385 Heavy-Duty 4×4 Offroad Motorhome


Crawler OTAG 385 is an ultimate expedition vehicle on UNIMOG.OTAG 385, you can host delicious meals and pleasant conversations with your family and friends in the 5 poeple dining area. 5 people adjustable dining table and seating group can also be converted into a double bed.

source/image(PrtSc): Campers in Virtual Reality

OTAG 385 has all the equipment you would expect from a home. In the kitchen area right next to the dining area, there is a 3-burner stove, refrigerator and large freezer.The kitchen cabinets and drawers also help you store all the tools and utensils you need. The bathroom, which offers no less comfort than a home, has a shower, sink area and cassette.

In the upper pop-up section of the caravan, there is a very spacious main bedroom.With hangers, drawers of various sizes and eyes for objects, there is maximum storage space for long camps.


With technological features such as USB input, LED lighting, Ambient and Water Heater, 24 inch Smart TV, Smart Panel, 12V Lighter Input and Solar Panel, Crawler OTAG 385 offers a comfortable and independent camping experience in nature.

  • Price from: 136.663 EUR
  • Chrome Fresh Water Tank: 496 L
  • Chrome Grey Water Tank: 126 L
  • Black Water Tank: 17 L