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DIY Incredible Studded And Drill Powered Bike


If you want to enjoy the features of an electric bike without spending a boatload of money on buying a new one, you can always build your own.Tooling around town on a light, drill-powered bike may seem like a fun but gimmicky trick.

source/image(PrtSc): The Q

Have you ever thought how to ride your bicycle on ice? Yeah, you can replace wheels with huge circular saws or stud existing or old tyres and get incredible grip. Also, here is a cool idea how to power your bicycle with hand drill.

In this video The Q customizes his normal bicycle by attaching custom gear for the chain where he connects a 18v battery powered drill, the pedals have also been removed in favor of a couple of improvised pipe footrests.


Even though the setup is complete, there is one thing remaining to do. Tilt your bike to the side and activate the throttle. If the back wheel is rotating smoothly, then you are all set. Hop on your bike and ride.