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DIY Magnetic Rubik’s Cube From Scratch

In today’s video I want to show you how to make Rubik’s cube from wood and neodymium magnets! It’s pretty simple, instead of wooden cubes you can use dices or any other things that has cubic shape.

source/image: The Q

So if you want cool custom Rubik’s cube here is instruction how to make it.The whole thing requires a bit of patience but it’s a fun project and the result is very satisfying.Watch the video for more info:

This is a tutorial created by Youtuber The Q demonstrating how to make a functional Rubik’s Cube out of wood and neodymium magnets.


Rubik’s cube is not just the quintessential hand-held puzzle, though: it’s also an iconic piece of design,At the very least because even if you can’t solve the puzzle, you can just take the cube apart and put it back together again in the right order.