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DIY/Making A Charcoal Valley Table “Shou Sugi Ban”

I had this Idea since I burned the pixel lounger. I found some old spruce pieces of right length and pretty straight grain so I decided to give it a go.. First I cut them somewhere along the middle to get the grain as perpendicular as possible to side surfaces.

source/image(PrtSc): lignum

After planing, the pieces were cut again using a jigsaw. I didn’t follow any rule, I just eyeballed it until i liked the result. For gluing, I used two component melamine glue which is usually used for glulam timber. It has a high temperature resistance and it doesn’t loose it’s properties in fire conditions.

After glue was set, I burned the surface with gas torch and sandblasted it using quartz sand. All sides were then planed with 6 axes milling robotic arm to get the perfect 90 degrees angles between all the sides.


Planed surfaces were then sanded and 3 coats of polyurethane matte varnish were applied with light hand sanding in between second and third coat. For base, I used rectangular steel pipes with nuts to hold adjustable legs.Top glass is held in its place with four small silicone droplets, one in each corner.