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DIY Making A Steel Frame Simple Dining Table


After a long time, we have finally decided to make a piece of furniture for the house and it could not be any other than a dining table 4.Our creation is relatively easy in order to help other people to make this table by themselves as well.

source/image(PrtSc): Make it Extreme

Firstly, we made a metallic frame with square tubes of 2mm thick. The legs were created with square tubes of 70mm x 40mm while the frame which was welded to the legs, was made with square tubes of 40x40x2mm thick.

The frame was painted in matte black colour. The wood used for the table is a wooden plate, which was made by various kinds of wood that were welded together. The wood used was taken by pine trees.


Finally, after treating the wood, we painted it with water soluble, colourless varnish. Therefore, the 0125 project ended giving us a simple but fine outcome./makeitextreme

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