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VoloDrone 400-lb Cargo Drone First Public Flight


Together with our partner Volocopter, we successfully conducted the first public #VoloDrone cargo flight at the ITS Hamburg. 3-minutes, 22 meters high, fully electric, and CO2 neutral.

source/image(PrtSc): DB Schenker

The electric heavy-lift cargo drone VoloDrone took off for the first public test flight, in its history, at the ITS World Congress. In partnership with Volocopter, the logistic service provider DB Schenker demonstrated what the supply chain of the future could look like in a three-minute test flight.

With 18 rotors to provide the necessary lift, the Volodrone is designed to carry up to 440 pounds (200 kg) over a 24 mile (40 km) range. The drone is 30-feet wide (9.15 m diameter), 7-feet (2.15 m) tall and can carry a maximum of 1322 pounds (600 kg) at lift-off.


With a maximum altitude of 22-meters, the VoloDrone transported a Euro-pallet-sized load to a DB Schenker Cargo Bike. Once the payload was transferred successfully, the cargo bike went on to deliver its cargo to the final destination. The result: An entirely electric and CO2 neutral multimodal last-mile delivery./DB Schenker

VIADB Schenker
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