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DIY – Making A Unique Floating Walnut Bench With Carved Hand


In this video you can see how I make this unique floating style bench made from Walnut and wild European Pear wood.Story behind this project.Last year when my Walnut slabs were dried I was separating them by quality and purpose. It was very old Walnut tree and I made quite some stuff out of it.

source/image(PrtSc): Slovenian Woodworker

When I was sorting them I came across this wooden plank which was by the first look not at all useful. It is full of worm holes and almost only sapwood. It nearly ended as a fire wood. But it’s unique shape ( curved one side ) it gave me an idea quickly for what can be used.I was very busy and lacking free time so this plank of Walnut was moving from one side of the shop to another for several months.

Until last week that I finally had enough time to fulfill my ideas. And this is how this bench has become a reality.The carved hand was in my original idea from the begining and for that I choose Pear wood. Actually wild pear which is very rear here. This wood is ideal for carving. One of the nicest woods to work with.


I’m not a carving fan so it don’t have any kind of wood carving chiesel or similar.And I started to carve the hand with sharp regular chiesel. And finished everything with a little help of carving blade on my angle grinder and the rest with flat chiesel.It took me around 8 hrs till it was ready for applying finish./Slovenian Woodworker

VIASlovenian Woodworker
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