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A 400 Years Old Wood Turned into Modern Furniture


Some months ago I went to get some lumber so I have enough on stock and it was just by luck that my lumber guy had a yearly deliver from South of Italy ( Sicilia) and becose he knows that I’m exotic wood freak he invite me to back of the lumber yard and there under some covers there it was. I couldn’t belive it slabs ware up to 70 cm wide and up to 3m long./ Slovenian Woodworker

source/image(PrtSc): Slovenian Woodworker

Newer I have seen olive slabs this big. Becose if there are olive trees this big they are still in the soil living and they are 300-400 years old and more.I was lucky. Working with this olive wood was truly a pleasure. It’s so nice to cut and plane. Beside this it has super nice smell when you cutting etc.

Becose of some client almost all of the olive oil slab was used only small part remained and I was keeping it to the fev days ago. I have an idea to make another table similar in previous design. Unfortunately pice was around 1m long and 28 cm wide / 5 cm thick.So in order to have enough material I rip it and split it in two.


Table top is 24mm thick. It could be thicker but I like it as it is. I beveled the edges so it looks super thin. I think it gives more elegant look. Nevertheless coffee table is sturdy and stable. This olive table is 85 cm long 56 cm wide and 48 tall. For the base I used beautiful American walnut that I had some on stock and main support is strong policarbonate, but I think you already know that./ Slovenian Woodworker

VIASlovenian Woodworker
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