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Restoration & Repair Tutorial – Molding And Casting A New Steering Wheel For A 1935 Cadillac


Steering Wheel Restore Tutorial.Watch as we demonstrate how to mold and cast a new steering wheel for a 1935 Cadillac. Sourcing a steering wheel for this classic had proven to be challenging.

source/image: Alumilite Mold Making..

So we were able to make a mold from a wheel that had the grip area repaired. This allowed us to insert a new frame and over-mold it with new resin from Alumilite.

Once you have the part clayed up and the mold box sealed, mix your silicone rubber and begin to pour. We are using Alumilite’s Plat 55 mold making rubber for this part because it has excellent dimensional stability, a firm hardness, good tear strength, and a great mold life for casting lots of parts.


The steering wheel frame is placed into the appropriate mold. The clear liquid plastic is tinted to the desired color and added to the mold. The color is uniform throughout the plastic and the finished product is polished plastic, not a painted wheel. The molded plastic is one complete casting, there are no joints.

VIAAlumilite Mold Making & Casting Materials
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