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DIY/Making Electric Aluminum Foundry

If you’re interested in melting aluminium, and you totally should be because it’s basically the most fun way to recycle soda cans or other aluminium things, Made in Poland youtube channel shows you how to make an electric foundry for metal casting.

source/image(PrtSc): Made in Poland

With a little bit of electricity know-how, you’ll be on your way to torching things in no time.I decided to make an electric furnace because it’s totally silent, I may use it inside my workshop, I also may control temperature and I don’t have to worry about lack of gas or wood coal.

The furnace works perfectly, after an hour of preheating the temperature is ready to melt aluminium. I didn’t test it to maximum temperature because 800 degrees of Celsius is sufficient.


An external case is a bit warm but it doesn’t pose a problem in using it. I heat workshop in winter so I won’t have problem with it.I am going to use this furnace mostly to cast aluminium, later I am going to use it on lathe.This aluminium works really well to melt aluminium!