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DIY Mini Electric Bike With Volkswagen Beetle Fenders Volkspod


The iconic Volkswagen Beetle has been a vehicle that seems to have stood the test of time. In this video you see me building a DIY electric mini bike inspired by the Volkswagen Beetle, also know as the Volkspod. I welded 4 fenders together to create the body with the classic Volkswagen aircooled bug look.

source/image(PrtSc): HennyButabi

I saw pictures of similar projects floating around on the internet and always wanted to build one myself, so when a friend of mine offered 4 old fenders in bad shape (thanks JB!) I could go to work. Luckily I did not need the parts that were heavily rusted, so I cut them off.

I painted it Marrakesh brown (BMW color). I know it’s a bit unusual but I chose this color because I own a 1973 beetle which is also brown. In the future I will build a custom roof rack so I can take the volkspod with me to meetings.


It is powered by 2 hoverboard motors and 2 36v lithium batteries. The wheels are from a child size ATV. I used those parts from the first electric scooter I built since I don’t drive it anymore.Please note that I am not a professional bodywork guy or welder. I know some things can be done different or better. Overall I am very happy with the result.

Technical details:

  • front and rear hoverboard motor 350w 36v
  • dual brushless controllers 350w 48v (BLDC) from Aliexpress
  • dual hooverboard batteries 36v 4.4Ah
  • weight incl batteries approximately 39kg
  • topspeed 32 km/h
  • range: 13km (medium load)
  • tire size 145/70 – 6
  • frame built out of 35mm tube 2mm wall thickness
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