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DIY Outdoor Barrel-Vault Wood-Fired Brick Bread Oven

Building a brick oven can be a time-intensive and expensive home project. However, it’s well worth it for the delicious food and cheerful hearth. First, find a brick oven plan that fits within your size and budget limits. Next, prepare a foundation for your brick oven by digging a hole and filling it with concrete.via

source/image(PrtSc): Cottage Life

Kevin and Andrew build the Ultimate Bread Oven: a barrel-vault wood-fired brick oven that not only looks impressive but also produces exceptional artisanal loaves.Watch the video by Cottage Life for more info.

After your foundation has cured, begin constructing your brick oven. Follow your plan when gathering materials and laying the bricks. Last, use your brick oven to bake pizzas, bread, and other delicious dishes.


A simple bread oven works on the principle that you build the fire inside the oven itself until the structure has absorbed sufficient heat to cook a loaf of bread. At that point the fire is raked out, the oven is washed or cleaned, and the baking begins.