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DIY Platform Bed With Build-in/Floating Nightstands


This homemade platform bed with floating nightstands diy project is amazing simple and straight forward in this step by step vido tutorial.You can make a bed frame, headboard and side tables for less than the cost of a brand new bed frame.

source/image: Modern Builds

Today on modern Builds I’m making a platform bad out of ONLY 3/4″ pine plywood. The bed is on a floating platform and the nightstands are incorporated into the frame for a really sleek, minimalist look.

This is a queen size bed and the dimensions will be available in the written article that will be up later tonight. I used the pocket hole jig a lot, but it made this project SO much easier. Hope you enjoy, and have an awesome week!


Get the required tools, take proper measurements for the bed, drill the holes for putting screws and then attach the frames.After the finishing touches are done, set your bed with the perfect mattress and you’ll be all set with a new bed at home. This cozy bed would be perfect for your lazy weekend escapades.