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DIY Prototype Aluminium Composite Panel Engraving And Folding Tool


Aloucobonds are sandwich panels made by three sheets of material. Its two outer sides are consisted of aluminium sheets and at its inner side there is a kind of plastic core. Therefore, the material is light and very resilient as a result to be used for various creations like the “dressing” of the buildings, for decorations, panels and other things.

source/image(PrtSc): Make it Extreme

The make it extreme team made up a tool that would be cheap, useful and fast in order to be able to carve the material and create angles that are necessary to place this material. Thus, we decided to make a cutter that will be placed on the angle grinder and it will function easily and quickly.

First, we created an aluminium disc on which we placed four carbide inserts that are very hard and especially for cutting this particular material. To set the depth that the cutter will insert the material, we made two aluminium wheels at both the right and left side of the cutter.


These two wheels roll on the material keeping the cutting procedure stable and on a straight line as well as they set the cutting depth.A protective cover for our protection is the part that fulfills this unique idea. The usefulness of the material as well as its cheap cost to create it makes it an amazing and necessary tool for everyone./Make it Extreme