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DIY Raised Roof and Off Grid Skoolie for Family of 3


After living internationally, Erika and Matt returned to the US with a baby on the way, and travel was still on their mind. Intending to be mobile while providing a foundation for the little one, they chose the nomadic life and started on their DIY skoolie.

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

After completing their second bus, they are selling it to get back overseas to experience backpacking as a family.This 2003 Bluebird has a 15” roof raise, 200 gallons of fresh water, and 2600 watts of solar.

A beast for offgrid living. The kitchen hosts a three-burner stove, a full-size fridge, a copper sink, and abundant storage. There’s a king-size bed, a full-hanging closet, and a working desk with upper cabinets.


In the main living space, they installed a couch that pulls out into a spare bed and a dining table that drops down into a sleeping cot. Live-edged Cedarwood and copper piping give this tiny home on wheels a welcoming vibe and comfortable space./Tiny Home Tours

VIATiny Home Tours
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