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DIY Self Built Sheet Metal Roller Bender


The tool that we have made this time is very useful as using it we can bend metal sheets and create corners without using heavy equipment like the hydraulic sheet metal bender. Needless to say that we cannot use it to bend thick sheets but we can easily move it and take it to our outdoor activities.

source/image(PrtSc): Make it Extreme

First of all, to create this tool we made two aluminum brackets. On the one bracket we screwed two circular stainless steel axes of 22mm thickness. These axes slip in the second bracket thus the length of the steel is controlled and regulated in order to be able to bend it.

On the one stainless steel axis, we placed 5 20x37x7 bearings shaping a metallic roller. While on the other axis, we placed a die with 10 degrees inclination. Thus, when the sheet passes between the roller and the die and in combination with the user’s strength, the sheet is forced to bend.


Regarding to the additional rollers that we used on the first bracket, they have the ability to hold still the length that we bend in order to be accurate and at the same shape with the other. The inclination of 10 degrees of the die prevents the frontal part to be moved in up to 90 degrees in order to avoid the deformation of any part that we do not need to modify./makeitextreme

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