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DIY Self Filling Water Bowl For Your DOG/CAT


Are you forgetting to fill your dogs watering bowl? Make yourself an automatic dog bowl water dispenser that holds 2L (1/2 gallon US) of water by using a recycled soda bottle.

source/image(PrtSc): Chris Notap

This bottle water dispenser can be used for cats, dogs, and pets. Long term constant water supply for your dog due to the large amount of water the pop bottle water dispenser holds.

Your dog will never go thirsty. Keeps the water in the bowl at a constant level. Fills the water dispenser bowl with additional water automatically when needed.


Easy to make, easy to fill and simple operation. Just fill the bottle, push it in the water dispenser holder and remove the cap, it’s that simple. Use 2L soda, pop or cola bottle from your recycle bin. Your dog will love you!