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DIY Shock-Absorbing System For The Electric Ekateboard


In this video, I made an upgraded shock-absorbing system for the electric skateboard, the system includes two mini shock absorbers and two extra front wheels. Do you want to how it feels? Please watch the full video.

source/image(PrtSc): BigWR

This shock-absorbing system is done properly and it reduces the vibrations while driving, you can rest knowing that not only are your feet going to be happy but so is your board and all of the electronics and wireing as vibrations can beat up boards and everything inside. Watch the video from BigWR.. for more info:

The front shock absorber system with dual wheels is made of highquality spring and materials and it has good shock absorption.The board is connected with steering rods to steer with all the 4 wheels. Extra springs are used to reposition the board to the middle after steering.


This article is meant for the adventurous tinkerer who enjoys getting into the guts of a project, the studious experimenter, or even the old school skater or landlocked surfer looking to renew their love of the ride./BigWR