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DIY Simple Electric Train – Race Between AA Batteries

Which of the batteries do you think will be the fastest ? You can be very surprised at the result.If you like trains, then the simple electric train will be very enjoyable for you.

source/image(PrtSc): Mr. Michal

The electromagnetic track is very fun.You need these three parts to making the track.1. copper wire raw, 2. battery ( AAA, AA or C), 3. And two neodymium magnets ( it must be larger in diameter than battery ).If you have all the components so fun can start.

The world’s simplest electric train has no moving parts. No motors. No gears, pistons or actuators.Take your AA Battery and your magnets and put the magnets on either end of the battery.The trick in the video is that the magnets are made of a conducting material and they connect the battery terminals to the copper wire.


So the battery, magnets and copper wire make a circuit that generates a magnet field just in the vicinity of the battery. You want to make sure that the magnets are repelling. So that means the south poles of each magnet need to be facing out, or the north.