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DIY Stealth $20k Camper Van Build Tiny Home


Join Cass, Clouse, and Walter for an exclusive tour inside their 2007 Ford E250 van home, showing how compact living can be both functional and cozy. Explore Cass’s unique approach to van life and discover the reasons behind choosing a low roof model for city ease.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Dive into the van’s kitchen setup featuring a foot pump sink, space-saving solutions like slide-out extensions, and an innovative mounted stove. Understand how Cass manages water usage with a 40-gallon tank and conserves power with solar energy.

Step into the sleeping area where Cass prioritizes comfort with a permanent bed setup. She shares her passion for antiques and local art, making her space both personal and stylish.


Cass shares her DIY journey, discussing the challenges and rewards of building everything herself. From electronic setups to diesel heater maintenance, gain insights into the hands-on experience of creating a tiny home on wheels.Inspired to start your own van life adventure? Cass encourages you to reach out with questions and follow her journey for inspiration and practical tips.