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DIY Tilting Electric Scooter With Fat Tyres And 4 Hoverboard Motors


In this video you see me making a DIY powerful electric three wheeled fat tyre tilting scooter powered by 4 hoverboard motors at home in my garage. The video contains the full build start to finish.

source/image(PrtSc): HennyButabi

I added chapters below to easily navigate through the video.It has a full tilting mechanism on the rear wheels (like a tilting trike), a mono front swingarm and full suspension.

Wheels are from a lawnmower tractor.Frame is built from 20mm, 25mm and 35mm tube with 2mm wall thickness.Suspension bushings and front wheel spindle are from an 110cc ATV I had laying around.


Steering mechanism is made out of old bicycle parts. I also added a steering damper to make it more stable.The knobs to fill the tubes and all cable fasteners were 3D printed./HennyButabi

Technical details:

  • 4 hoverboard motors 36v 350w
  • 4 brushless motor controllers BLDC 48v 350w with hall sensor control and GT-100 display (aliexpress)
  • 4 hoverboard lithium batteries 36v 4400mAh
  • top speed (with driver 65kg): 40 km/h on GPS
  • range: 12 km
  • tyresize: 16 x 7.50 – 8
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