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DIY Transform Old Bicycle Into Lamborghini Electric Bike


Vietnam-based woodwork artist ND Woodworking Art has not content with just scale wooden model of the Lamborghini Aventador S 2021. The artisan recently took wood crafted car model to the next level. This time ND Woodworking Art decided to transform an old bicycle into a modern Lamborgini style electric bike.

source/image(PrtSc): ND – Woodworking Art

His latest art project the wood artisan ND Woodworking Art confirms that an old bicycle can be transformed into an masterpiece if there’s enough talent and creativity involved. The bicycle was old and covered in rust, but Truong Van Dao decided to give it another chance.

ND Woodworking Art refurbishes the wheels, he mounts the electric motor in central position and the battery in the oblique until you get the impressive result that you can see in the video.


The e-bike made by ND Woodworking Art it is obviously in no way official or authorized by Lamborghini, but it is certainly cheaper than the electric bicycles made by the Italian company, which presented its first two models in 2018 the Crosser and Sporter.Hopefully the videos recording the process of wood carving and crafting from wood will be useful and entertaining for you. I like to use wood from discarded trees, not precious woods from the forest./ND – Woodworking Art

VIAND - Woodworking Art
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