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DIY Tree House Made Of Plastic Wrap


This DIY video from Os Bushcraft and Survival shows a young woman wrapping miles of plastic sheeting around four trees to create a tent-like structure. Watching the treehouse take shape, most viewers go through a similar series of questions. Why would anyone do this?

source/image: Os Bushcraft and Survival

This is my new Eco tent made from Plastic Wrap! It’s much fancy and also can be used in deep forest attached to big tree, so bears can’t eat me! Relax and enjoy watching.

The video shows a woman using several rolls of thick, industrial-sized plastic wrap to fashion a suspended shelter and attaches it a tree in the forest.The base must be strong. I check to see if the wrap will break if I run into it. Wow! I was thrown back!


Then I wrap the base to make it easier to make a hammock. The longitudinal layer is ready. It is quite strong that I can even safely fall on it. I make a cross layer – this required another roll. The plastic tent is finished. It is very strong and reliable.