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DIY Making a Double Piston Hydraulic Cylinder


Even if we have made hydraulic pistons in many of our previous videos this one has some specialties.While in the common ones we find one piston and two spots from where the oil can be inserted to make it move, in this video this piston has 4 spots to insert the oil as well as there are 2 pistons. The two oil insertions push the two pistons forward so the piston opens while it closes when the oil pushes the pistons from the opposite direction.

source/image: Make it Extreme

The reason we made this video is that we find it useful for many cases. One piston can be made having two other pistons when we require more safety like in the case of the airplanes when its wheels going down.

If the one piston of the two is damaged then the other one takes over to avoid any accidents. Another reason is when the piston with the two oil insertions moves the oil moves accordingly from both insertions as a result we are able to attach an additional piston on them in another spot like the lorries turn.


A further reason is that we can generate greater powers with a shorter diameter as the force needed to push the pistons act cumulatively.Closing, we really hope to use this piston in one of our future creations.