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DIY Ultimate 4×4 Ambulance Conversion Off Grid Overland Vehicle Tour


The latest trend in the used ambulance market involves people looking for unique solutions for traveling and getting outdoors more. Tom is a true adventurer that wanted to build his end all camper conversion. As shown in this video, it is easy to see he may have pulled it off. In terms of getting out somewhere and staying out there, this is one of the best builds I have ever seen!

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny Home Tours

The truck is powerful and comfortable to drive. The transmission is a wonder. I especially like how it slowly downshifts when I let off the gas coming up to a light. You barely need to touch the brakes. Now onto the box. It has a pass through that can be used while keeping your feet on the floor.

It’s only about 4 feet tall, but sure beats a crawl through. Most of you already know how well the ambulances are made, very high quality and the wiring is top notch. Built in storage everywhere. Some of it will be used for systems like the electronics which will all be located in the front drivers compartment.


There is rear heat and a/c, an inverter, powered vent, fan, lights everywhere, and plenty of built in cabinetry if one wants to use it. There are many other options like back up camera, 50 gallon fuel tank, rear air suspension, but I can see myself starting to ramble so lets move on to my blog where it is easy to search for more information on areas you choose. If you want a walk through of the final head to media where a Tiny Home Tours walkthrough of the ambulance lives.via/read more: lostbox