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DIY Water Heater That Runs On Vegetable Oil


This is a very cool instant hot water heater that can run off of regular cooking/vegetable oil and generate heat/hot water for your home for up to 24 hours running on a single small tank of oil.

source/image: Daniel’s Inventions

This instant hot water heater only weighs three pounds. It is very light weight and can be carried in a backpack and used in a case of power outage or emergency.

Also, any water can be boiled down so that it can be used as drinking water in case of water outage. In case it is used indoors, an exhaust pipe has to be installed to vent the fumes outdoors so that the heat radiation can also be used as a source of heat.


For the sake of the video, we used a small fountain pump, but a heat pump may need to be used that is designed to handle boiling water temperature.

SOURCEDaniel's Inventions
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