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Woman’s DIY Promaster Vanlife With 2 Large Pups


After truck camping with her dogs in a Rav4, Erica, a former teacher, decided to take her two furry friends to the road. She decided to turn a van into a mobile home since she didn’t want to return to the classroom.

source/image: Tiny Home Tours

Erica converted her Ram ProMaster herself in just six months, and the outcome is remarkable. The vehicle has two 100 amp-hour lithium batteries, a DC to DC charger, and 400 watts of solar power.

A big sink, a camp stove, and butcher block counters with a pop-up edge can all be found within the van. Making the most of the small area is a full-size bed with overhead cabinets for storage.


She has two large canine pals and has outfitted her vehicle to accommodate them. Erica has tried to utilize every square inch of the room for storage and has set up an organized garage with dog supplies, sporting goods, and spare clothing./Tiny Home Tours