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Diy Wheelless Bike Epic Cycling


This bike doesn’t have wheels at all. Why did we do it? Just for fun The engineer behind the YouTube channel The Q managed to build a bicycle “without wheels at all”, he made special excavator like wheels that rolls as comfortably as a bike with round ones.

source.image: The Q

The bike has standard bike frame with one major modification – it rolls on custom-made loong wheels. It rides pretty smoothly, but it also doesn’t work how we assumed it would. Watch the video from The Q:

The Q built a heavy supporting metal frame, to which he added a spinning gear and a couple of rolling bearings on each side. He added bike chains to the spinning gears, going around the frame, and a new rubber track made up of cut-up pieces from the original bike tire, bolted to the chains, the moving part of the track.


Vehicles with non-circular wheels aren’t entirely a new idea. Years ago, the Mythbusters upgraded a pickup truck with square wheels, resulting in an incredibly uncomfortable ride on smooth surfaces, even with the angles of each wheel offset from the others.