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Dodge A108 1969 Van Vantasy Mid Engine Hemi Engine


Being 3 years old when these vans were sold new. I would still think I would remember them. I remember the Fords and Chevrolet vans of this style. But I don’t remember ever seeing one pf these. This one at first glance looks like what You would expect they probably looked like from the factory back in the day.

source.image: ScottieDTV

I mean it’s covered in a two tone paint. Gold over White. It has some dog dish wheels, The windows aren’t even tinted full on fish blow here. Well You would be wrong. Although it may look stockish. There is a ton of work here. Only two of the rear windows would open from the factory. Now all of them do. Think that’s not a big deal. Jonathan Goolsby tells Me a different story.

The trim that separates that two tone paint? Well stock it had trim there also. Now that trim started as straight stock and has been hand formed then sent out for chroming. Those dog dish hubcaps? Billet aluminum. Custom cut. Oh yea.


Now it’s mid engine and has a HEMI! How cool is that?! This 1969 Dodge 108A van is so much cooler than stock. But it’s not easy to see why. I’m a fan and I am sure You will be to. The 1969 Dodge 108A Van “Vantasy” built by Goolsby Customs from the 2023 World Of Wheels Birmingham AL.