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Her Custom Designed Tiny Home With Hidden Bedroom


Welcome to Tisa Wheeler’s RV Park Model Tour! Tisa Wheeler invites you to explore her beautiful RV park model home, the “Badlands” by Utopian Villa. Designed for comfort and efficiency, this tiny home is packed with unique features and luxurious touches that make it a perfect retreat. Come along as Tisa shows you around!

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

The kitchen is a central feature of the Badlands, designed to bring the luxury of a regular home into a tiny space. Key highlights include: Waterfall Edge Quartz Countertop: A stylish and functional feature. Pull-Out Storage: Includes space for dog food, trash, and an internal composter. Large Sink: Perfect for washing and storing the Berkey while traveling. Five-Burner Gas Stove: Tisa’s favorite appliance, ideal for her Cajun cooking. Convection Microwave: Adds convenience without sacrificing space for an oven. Full-Size Dishwasher: Perfect for handling all the dishes. Innovative Storage Solutions: Includes a pull-out spice rack, deep corner storage, and a glass-front cabinet.

The living room is multifunctional, designed to serve as both an office and a dining area. Features include: Lift-Up Coffee Table: Ergonomic and convenient for work and meals. Bistro Set: Provides additional seating and workspace. Storage Stool: Doubles as a tabletop for extra functionality. Large Door: Allows for a breeze and beautiful views while working from home.


Tisa chose tiny living to reduce costs and simplify life, allowing more resources for travel and adventures. With a monthly cost comparable to renting an apartment in Dallas, tiny living offers significant savings and flexibility. The living room is designed for relaxation and entertainment: Full-Size Couch: Built around the couch from Tisa’s previous apartment. Automatic Blinds: Convenient and stylish. Repurposed Dressers: Provide ample storage and space for a record player and records. The loft area is a flexible space used for work and guest accommodations: Secret Door: Adds a surprise element and extra room for guests. Mini Split System: Ensures comfort in all seasons.