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Dracula Simia Monkey Face Orchid Flowers


Dracula simia, called also monkey orchid or the monkey-like Dracula, is an epiphytic orchid originally described in the genus Masdevallia,but later moved to the genus Dracula. The arrangement of column, petals and lip strongly resembles a monkey’s face.

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The plant blooms at any season with several flowers on the inflorescence that open successively.And it turns out that it was not created in a lab by monkey-and-orchid-obsessed scientists.


Flowers are fragrant with the scent of a ripe orange.The monkey orchid is native to Ecuador, but is also found in some regions of Colombia and Peru. Currently, this orchid is in danger of extinction.To make them even cooler than they already are, these flowers are like snowflakes.

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No two of them are the same. In fact, each of them has a different monkey face. Some of them don’t really look like monkeys, but they’re still a monkey face orchid.