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DREAM Cabin Converted From A Century-Old Barn


This incredible cabin was lovingly designed and renovated by its owner, Brett, who lived in it for several years before starting to rent it out to guests recently.

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

The structure was originally built in 1890 to be a coach house and horse stable in the backyard of the main house, and it’s had many uses over the years before being converted into this tiny house. It’s pretty unusual to find a space like this that feels like it belongs in the countryside just a few steps away from a busy street in the city.Exploring Alternatives

The main floor is just 270 square feet (approx. 16’ x 17’) with another 77 square feet in the loft (approx. 7’ x 11’). You can access the loft via a stunning wooden spiral staircase (with hand grips for stability!).


This is a 4-season space and there are quite a few ways to control the temperature to make sure it’s comfortable year-round. For heat, there’s a heated floor, electric wall heater, wood stove, and a space heater. For cooling, there’s a mini-split air conditioning unit, a ceiling fan, windows, and a fan.//Exploring Alternatives

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