Home Technology Velove Armadillo Electric Assist Fuel Cell Cargo Bike With 300km Of Range

Velove Armadillo Electric Assist Fuel Cell Cargo Bike With 300km Of Range


In co-operation with RISE we assembled a prototype fuel cell power supply for the Velove Armadillo cargo bike with semi-trailer. It was tested on track and the range was verified, with cargo.

source/image(PrtSC): VeloveBikes

Useful features for city logistics such as silky smooth suspension, 1 m3 safe box with container system and semi-trailer. Designed to endure everyday, heavy-duty use.

The bike is designed to be used by professional couriers, is made of a solid aluminium frame and weighs in at 64.5 kilograms. It has four wheels, to ensure that it’s as stable as possible. And apparently it’s fun to ride too, with users praising its ride comfort and ease of handling.


With a 250-watt electric motor installed under the cargo area. The batteries can simply be swapped out and replaced with fully-charged ones when they’re empty./VeloveBikes

  • Power distribution to drive wheels: Double freewheel
  • Electric assist: Bafang Max
  • Electric assist rated power: 250 watt
  • Electric assist torque: +80 Nm
  • Electric assist speed limit: Assisting up to 25 km/h
  • Battery capacity: 0,6 kWh (extra battery mount can be fitted)
  • Energy consumption on max assist: 0,15­-0,2 kWh/10 km
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