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Driving The Oldest Car In The World Benz Patten Motor Wagen


This is the 1885 Mercedes Benz Patten Motor Wagen, usually agreed upon be the very first car: here’s how it works!The Benz Patent-Motorwagen (“patent motorcar”), built in 1885 by the German Carl Benz, is widely regarded as the world’s first practical modern automobile and was the first car put into production.It was patented and unveiled in 1886.

source.image: TFLclassics

The vehicle contained many new inventions. It was constructed of steel tubing with woodwork panels. The steel-spoked wheels and solid rubber tires were Benz’s own design. Steering was by way of a toothed rack that pivoted the unsprung front wheel. Fully elliptic springs were used at the back along with a beam axle and chain drive on both sides. Watch the video from TFLclassics:

The first Motorwagen used the Benz 954 cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine with trembler coil ignition.This new engine produced 500 watts at 250 rpm in the Patent-Motorwagen, although later tests by the University of Mannheim showed it to be capable of 670 W (0.9 hp) at 400 rpm.


It was an extremely light engine for the time, weighing about 100 kg (220 lb). Although its open crankcase and drip oiling system would be alien to a modern mechanic, its use of a pushrod-operated poppet valve for exhaust would be quite familiar.The vehicle was awarded the German patent number 37435, for which Karl Benz applied on 29 January 1886.