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DSF-V12 Smallest Production V12 Engine In the World


The DSF-V12 by Chuan Qi, it’s a mini V12 engine, single head over cam type. This model egnine burns gasoline fuel, has a displacement of 50CC. It comes with water cooling, splash lubrication, and could be used on RC applications like tanks, cars, boats.

source.image: JohnnyQ90

Gears, crankshaft, camshafts, cylinder sleeve are made of steel.Engine block, pistons, piston rods are made of aluminum alloy.Valve spring is made of spring steel.

Designed for a wide range of applications, the engine can be used to refit large-scale model cars, boats, and tanks, and is also suitable as a desktop DIY engine model to play.


The excellent reliability and working performance of the amazing engine model make it a popular mechanical artifact among high-end collector engine users and it will get more praise from model engine enthusiasts.


  • Gas Engine
  • Single Head Over Cam Type
  • Stroke: 18mm
  • Bore: 16.68mm
  • Displacement: 49.89CC
  • Firing Order: 1-12-5-8-3-10-6-7-2-11-4-9
  • Rev Speed: 2200 ~ 11000rpm
  • One-Piece Formed and Fully Supported Crankshaft
  • 2 Rings Piston
  • Dry Cylinder Sleeves
  • Water Cooled by a Gear Pump
  • Brushed Motor Starter
  • Stainless Steel Oil Separator
  • Weight: 4kg