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Futuristic Bugatti Audacieux Flagship Motorcyclen Concept

Bugattis are all about statement, be it with their design, enginering or their price. They Are a harmonious blend of elegance and colossal forms.

source/image: behace/Anay Kshirsagar

Imagine if they designed a bike? It would have to live uptp all those extraordinay values.The futuristic Bugatti Audacieux motorbike electric concept that pays homage to the iconic company inspired by Bugatti hypercars.

source/image: behace/Anay Kshirsagar

Bugatti Audacieux motorbike developed by designer Anay Kshirsagar, by taking key attributes from a Bugatti.The powerful motorcycle likely features an electric motor to further enhance its next-generation design.


The bike features a two-tone paint job along with a hubless wheel design that further enhances the futuristic aesthetic of the ride on the road.

source/image: behace/Anay Kshirsagar

Audacieux is the french word for BOLD, a word that Bugatti as a company truly belives in. The Bugatti logo makes itself visible in chrome on the hubs of the rear wheel too.