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Dynamic Tidal Power (DTP) The Concept – Energy From The Tidal Flows


Dynamic tidal power or DTP is an untried but promising technology for tidal power generation. It would involve creating a long dam-like structure perpendicular to the coast, with the option for a coast-parallel barrier at the far end, forming a large ‘T’ shape.

source/image(PrtSc): ThePOWERprogramme

This long T-dam would interfere with coast-parallel tidal wave hydrodynamics, creating water level differences on opposite sides of the barrier which drive a series of bi-directional turbines installed in the dam.via: wikipedia

The video demontrates the Dynamic Tidal POWER (DTP) concept and explains, by the use of clear animations, how the concept functions. A number of leading Dutch companies in the field of civil engineering and energy combined their strengths in the POWER group: Partners Offering a Water Energy Revolution.


The advantage of dynamic tidal power is that a single installation could produce anywhere from 8 to 15 gigawatts of power. An 8 GW installation could generate over 20 terawatt-hours of electricity in a year, which is enough for more than three million People.