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DIY Solar Water Heater! The CPVC “Drip-Edge” Solar Water Heater!


DIY Solar Water Heater! This one is made using CPVC pipe (*or copper) and is backed with metal stats for maximum temps.The Video includes full build plus temp tests (before and after the build), with air temp about 50F (10C) water temps ranged from 110-160F (43-71C).//desertsun02

source/image(PrtSc): desertsun02

Depending on water flow rate, how long it’s run, outdoor temps, intensity of the sun etc. a few stats: frame is made from 1×3.lumber, back is ¼” plywood and glass support “dowels” are 3/8” square. Glass is 28” by 32”.

Metal slats are 1 ½” by 1 ½” Steel Drip-Edge Roof Flashing (sold in 10’ lengths – about $4 each). CPVC pipe is ½”. coupler pieces… 18 tees, 4 elbows and a ½” adapter *w/pvc garden hose adapter at the inlet.


Remember to use ‘CPVC’ pipe cement. Collector can be made with either cpvc or copper. Cpvc is light, strong, and flexible, is rated for hot and cold potable water systems (up to 180F) and has lifespan of 50-75 years. Note: the water won’t get that hot. Even my copper pipe water heaters top out at 175F in the summer temps of 110F.//desertsun02