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Dzome Nature-Inspired Geometric Garden Office Domes


Anthony Hodson’s Dzome is a versatile garden office pod offering a moment of reclusion and rest.The pod has a curved faceted shape and is made of overlapping weatherproof steel segments, 75mm insulation, and a plywood interior.

source.image: Anthony Hodson

It has secure off-the-shelf aluminum doors, double-glazed windows, a beautiful skylight, and infrared underfloor heating. Feature lighting to the exterior makes the pod look magical in the evening.

There’s unlimited scope as to what you use the pod for. It was initially designed it to be an office but it could be used as a music pod, gaming pod, movie pod, reading nook.Internally the Dzome creates a relaxing cocoon of creativity to focus the mind. Infrared underfloor heating with thermostat keeps the pod at an optimal temperature.


Luxury vinyl floor tiles and plywood finish off the internal cladding. A beautiful double-glazed tinted skylight and halo LED fitting keeps every inch of the pod well lit. Included are 4 double sockets with USB, and 1 x data point in black nickel finish.Optional extras such as a floating desk, TV brackets or others can be requested.