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E-Cargo Bike RYTLE MovR3


The MovR3 is RYTLE’s latest e-cargo bike. The electrified, full-suspension cargo bike with a payload of up to 370 kg ensures sustainable, economical and efficient transport processes in urban areas. It can be used stand-alone or integrated into the overall RTYLE concept.

source.image: RYTLE

This consists of a self-sufficient mobile micro-depot (RYTLE HUB), the e-cargo bike MovR3 with exchange function for standardized transport boxes (RYTLE BOX) and smart software. Standard logistic dimensions such as the 10-foot container as a hub and the standard Euro pallet are consistently taken into account.

source.image: RYTLE

The RYTLE cargo bikes, classified as E-Pedelec 25, are already in use worldwide by CEP service providers, craft and commercial businesses, wholesalers and retailers for branch or direct delivery, as well as pharmacies and municipalities. Time, but above all emissions, can be saved on the first and last mile.


The MovR3 is equipped with a patented loading bay at the rear including an electrically operated transport fork. The electric cargo tricycle is the perfect solution for getting heavy loads to their destination even in busy city traffic.

Two exchangeable batteries and compartments for two optional spare batteries ensure that the MovR3 cargo bike’s three wheels don’t have to stand still. Motorcycle components and a dual wheel hub motor with start-up aid provide a effortless driving experience. As the electric cargo tricycle is supported up to 25 km/h, destinations are reached quickly and reliably. The reverse function also provides perfect maneuverability.

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