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e-REX 35kg 120hp 1-Stroke Engine


Designed and build by INNengine, a startup company based in Spain. “At INNengine we have patented and developed two disruptive engine concepts: the e-REX and the REX-B.” Both e-REX and REX-B have INNengine patented 1Stroke engine technology. This means they have 4x more power events per revolution than a conventional 4Stroke and twice more than a 2S.INN Engine E-REX, has a capacity of 0.5 liters and a power output of 120 horsepower, all while weighing just 35kg.

source.image: INNengine – Juan Garrido Requena

The e-REX comes to replace conventional 4Stroke engines in all current applications and more. It’s state of the art technology lowers consumption&emissions compared to any modern 4Stroke engine while being 4x more powerful and compact. After hundreds of hours of testing and having powered a demo car, our e-REX engine has achieved TRL6 and we are on track of achieving TRL9.

It would be light and small, to leave extra room for the batteries and motors.It would have 0 vibration, so it does not interfere with the smooth electric experience.And since electric vehicles are expensive enough as they are, it would have to be simple and cheap to manufacture.


In other words, the ideal engine for range extender applications would combine the efficiency and low emissions of a state of the art 4 stroke engine with the simplicity, compacity and power of a 2 stroke one.The e-REX is 55% smaller and 70% lighter than any 4-stroke ICE, thanks to a design that is devoid of crankshaft, valves, camshaft, or cylinder head.