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EcoloBlue 400,000 Liter/Day Atmospheric Water Generator Station Concept


EcoloBlue’s ​new 400,000 ​Liter/Day ​Atmospheric ​Water Generator ​Station will be ​the first of ​its kind in the ​world.We ​present the 3D ​design video of ​the project. ​Not only can ​EcoloBlue’s ​atmospheric ​water ​generators be ​used individually ​for smaller ​water needs, ​these water ​stations are ​intended for ​areas where the ​need for water ​is greater.

image/text credit: EcoloBlue

​These water ​stations are ​also scalable ​to create up to ​1,000,000 ​liters of water ​a day.We are ​very excited to ​present these ​plans, and show ​a water ​solution that ​will have a ​great impact ​globally. ​

image/text credit: EcoloBlue

EcoloBlue’s AWGs are designed to work seamlessly with any power source. Including solar, wind, and gas-powered generators. So you can have limitless, pure drinking water anywhere, any time.


We can provide a seamless service to produce water, install and manage the right level of filtration whether that be for drinking water or for irrigation, manage water supply and provide a complete management service for the station.

The stations can incorporate renewable power sources to ensure that water production is both cost effective and sustainable.The water extracted from the air is in effect evaporated water which we then put through a 12 stage filtration process and mineralise to create great tasting water.

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